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Monday, June 11, 2018

How to send bulk emails without spamming

Step 1. Ensure the email underwent a checkout

Firstly you have to ensure if the email underwent SPF and DKIM checkout, open its headers in the email client, find Authentication-Results and make sure there is “pass” after spf and dkim. It means that the email underwent a checkout.
In Gmail it looks like this:

Step 2. Use a special header

Use a header “precedence:bulk” in bulk emails for people to know what you send.

Step 3. Include unsubscribe link

Be sure to include unsubscribe link in the email. It should be easy-to-see, have adequate size and font colour.

  • Own mailing list
  • Reputation of the IP-address and domain

Email content and design

  • Avoid using spam-like words. They look like this:

  • Suspicious links and attachments

  • Design

  • Plain-text version

Recipients’ reaction to your bulk emails

Follow these tips not to get to spam folder:

  1. Unsubscribe link- Every email must contain it as it makes possible for the recipient to unsubscribe but not mark as spam.
       2. Familiar name and sender’s address- Make sure that your subscriber knows that the email is 
            yours, but not the spammer’s one. Familiar name, company name, email address don’t 
            arouse any suspicions. 
       3. Frequency of email sending- Even if the content of your email is extremely interesting and 
            relevant, don’t send emails every day. The optimal frequency is not more than once a week 
            and not less than once a month for your subscribers not to forget you.
      4. Relevant and valuable emails.

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