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Monday, June 4, 2018

If You Do These 6 Things, You Are A Typical Rare Indian Middle Class Person

Indian Middle class people  are very creative and they always have a jugaad to use something other than its primary usage. They try their best to save money even on small things such as using empty bottles for other purposes instead of throwing it every time and buying a container, getting an over-sized uniform and use an old cloth or dress until it itself starts crying to have mercy on it!

Here is a list of 6 things that most of the middle class people in India do!

1. Squeeze toothpaste until its last drop comes out

This is a very common sight in every middle class family and you too must have been doing it for years if you belong to middle class. By looking at the toothpaste, it seems that a road roller has run on it. You can’t dare to ask for a new tube of toothpaste until you squeeze the soul of the old one and use that last small drop. 

2. A master bag that has all small and big plastic bags

Every middle class family has one big master bag in which all the small and big polythene bags, from the transparent to the glossy ones, are kept. There’s a fixed place for this bag and it’s mostly behind a door where guests can’t see it. 

3. Soft drink bottles are emptied and filled with water

Even though soft drinks are costly in India, we middle class people make the most of our money by using the bottle after consuming cold-drink. 

4. School uniforms buys always one size bigger

It may sound weird to rich people but it’s damn true for middle class families. Our moms bring uniforms, and if possible shoes too, one size bigger so that they can be used for one or two years extra and valuable money is saved.

5. We cover TV remote with plastic

Our mantra of keeping things new and safe! We don’t remove plastic that covers our new stuffs like sofa, chair or TV and for keeping the remote clean and protected, we cover it with a plastic sheet too. 

6. Life of a T-shirt is damn tough

When parents get a new T-shirt, it’s firstly worn by elder brother and when it doesn’t fit him anymore, it’s handed over to the younger sibling. When it’s dull and faded, it becomes night wear and at the day of Holi, it’s finally worn and given a vidai. But we don’t throw it even after that! It becomes pocha and serves the house till it gets pierced into pieces! Ah, life of a T-shirt in Indian middle-class family is damn tough!
Do you know about more such things that middle class people do? Add to the list.

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