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Monday, June 11, 2018

Top 10 Best Texting Apps for Android and iOS 2018

Now a days technology is given more tenor and we are more depending on the latest technology so texting apps have grown to provide ease to the people to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers, etc. Texting app provides us various facilities to communicate with people like we can share the files, can make phone calls, video calling. Here in this article, you will come to know about top 15 Best Texting Apps for Android and iOS.

Top 10 Best Texting Apps for Android and iOS 2018

There are many famous texting apps which are illustrated below which will help you to know more about the same:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging app in the whole world and it has over I Billion downloads in over 180 countries. It is very easy to install and use for free. In this you can chat, you can share your photos can send your location to others or any relevant document to others.
WhatsApp- Best Texting Apps
Here you can also make free voice and video calls. The set up requires you to grant it access to your contacts so that it will automatically populate your contact list. There are a privacy and security to the user along with end-to-end encrypted chats.
WhatsApp always gets updated with funny things like you can add your stories and introduces various emojis which definitely give more fun in chatting with friends and family.  Now, you can also pay money using WhatsApp to your family and friends which features in UPI. WhatsApp Business is also there in the market so that you can chat with your clients easily.

2.Facebook Messenger

Facebook has its own diverse features which enable the user to communicate easily with their family and friends all over the whole world. It is very conducive to chat with friends and family you can also sync the contacts directly to the apps. There are plenty of free stickers and GIFs son that you can add fun to your chat. You will also get Video and Voice calling on this Facebook Messenger that is absolutely free and you can rely on it.
Messenger- Best Texting Apps
In the Android devices, the “Chat Heads” feature allows you to move chat icon float anywhere on the screen. Here you can also start a secret conversation with which is end-to-end encrypted conversations. There are security and privacy given to the user to set own password. Facebook has given more free stickers to spend luxuriate time with close ones. So, this should be the best Free Texting App for you, which is full of incredible features.

3. Mood Messenger

Mood messenger is one of the Best Texting Apps although it does not have ample of features it seems to have necessary features like messaging service. It is same as the Facebook Messenger as it also supports features like messaging sharing location, files, sending GIFs.
Mood Messenger- Best Texting Apps
Here you can also share YouTube videos directly from the application using the integrated search engines. It also comes with Private Message Feature where you can easily switch any conversation to private mode and hide it from the conversation list. You can also customize each and every conversation according to preference.
The special functionality of mood messenger app is that the user can message one another without using SMS.

4. Line

Line is very popular and Best Texting App for Android and iOS especially in Asia, with more than 600 million users. This app is feature rich. Here it combines a timeline similar to Facebook and where you can post along with receiving comments by your friends on your post.
Line- Best-Texting-Apps
With Line calls to landlines, line to line along with voice and video calls are available. No doubt, it has the amazing store of stickers packed with Line characters that are famous in Asia. You can add up to 200 participants in a group chat. Here also you can follow artists and brands on Line similar to Twitter. You can also set up albums and share it with your friends. Recently, Line has also introduced encryption chats as well.

5. Viber

This is another popular app that will automatically add your contact to its app to populate the list. Here Viber allows messaging with awesome stickers and emoticons, also allow you to make video and voice call along with sharing of your favorite photo.
Viber- Best Texting Apps
Here you will also get a color-coded encrypted messaging system. Viber also features in Viber Games which will never let you bore You can also send an instant voice message to friends along with having public chats. The best part is that you can make International and Domestic calls at low rates with Viber Out feature. You will be able to do free calls with Viber to Viber.

6. Hangouts

Another production of Google, here comes the Google Hangout which is available for all Android devices and you can also set it as the default messaging app. Here this app is also available for the iOS device along with for Pc and laptop too.
Hangouts- Best Texting Apps
That is why it is one of the ideal ways to chat with your friends and family. But here, if you want to access this app then you must have a Google Account. It features in sharing photos, GIFs, making of group calls along with making video calls too. You can also use this as a Webinar Software as well. No doubt, this one is probably one of the Best Texting App for Android.

 7. Google Allo

Here, Allo is the new and latest creation of giant Google. The main attraction of this app is the new Google Assistance feature. Allo makes it possible for Android as well as iOS users to enjoy Google Assistance.
Google Allo- Best Texting Apps
It offers common features like photo sharing, emojis, and stickers along with the highlighted feature. Here you can have a conversation with Google’s Assistance others like Siri and Cortana.

 8. WeChat

WeChat is the most popular app in China and it has 700 million users. It features in messaging app features like photo sharing along with video and voice calls. But here with WeChat, you will get features like “Friend Radar” | “People Nearby” | “Shake” which will definitely help you in finding friends near you.
WeChat- Best Texting Apps
The best part about this amazing WeChat is you can operate this app on Android Wear along with Apple Watch too. It has created a unique design for iPhone X and supports face ID to verify transactions when you are using WeChat Pay.

9. Pinger Textfree

Pinger Textfree helps you to send and receives a free text with your own free texting number. The specialty of this app is that you can get a free texting phone number to send a free text when you register with this app. You can send free texts to your family, friends who don’t need to use this app to receive it.
Pinger TextFree- Best Texting Apps
You can send texts from anywhere in the world as long as you have data connectivity. One of the downsides of the Pinger app is that the free number will expire after one month of the continuous inactiveness of the services. But if u like texting over the phone calls then this app is best for the user because it has specialized features which support picture, texts, video clips, voice clips and many more.

10. Snapchat

No doubt, the most popular app among young crowd and celebrities as it allows sharing of photos and videos that self-destruct. Here you can send your friend a “snap” for a briefing period of time before it disappears.

Snapchat- Best Texting Apps
The most famous feature of Snapchat is funny filters for your videos snap along with the editing of the photo too. It is the funniest way of delivering bit-sizes communication to another end. Here Android and iOS users can record up to 60 seconds of Snapchat footage with Muti-Snap. Snapchat is the best and reliable Best Texting App for Android and iOS too, just make more fun with chatting.

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